Conversational Russian Course

Our Conversational Russian courses are designed for students who want to express themselves more fluently and clearly in spoken Russian. It's a perfect choice for those who have lack of time but who are willing to succeed in speaking Russian.

RusWords provides Conversation Russian classes at different levels. It is quite popular among business people who usually have limited time for studying but are willing to start using what they have learnt in real life and be able to speak Russian quickly.

Topics for developing conversational Russian skills include education and relationships, attitudes and beliefs, hobbies and travelling. Each day, your teacher will also focus on different aspects of Russian pronunciation, including intonation, stress patterns and individual sounds.

Each of the Russian lessons in the course includes:

• Russian vocabulary (with English translation);
Russian grammar section (comments, tables and exercises);
• Dialogues to practice new vocabulary and grammar;
• Tests to check your progress.

During the course you will improve your Russian vocabulary and grammar and be able to communicate with Russian native speakers with ease. You will be pleased with yourself noticing that feel more confident speaking Russian.

If you are looking for a course to learn Russian prior to your trip to Russian either for business or leisure Conversational Russian is a good choice for you. You will quickly become fluent in Russian on a variety of everyday topics.

Last but not least, if you are simply interested in Russia or its culture, you will learn so much about contemporary Russia and Russian traditions, holidays and etiquette for different situations.

Try it yourself and you will be proud of your achievements! Book your Russian lessons today!

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