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I have now taken Russian language lessons with Natalia Roberts for just under three months. Already after this short period of time I can hardly believe the progress I have made under her guidance and tuition. From basically a near zero starting point I am now able to have conversations in Russian about day-to-day subjects and am starting to read Russian newspapers, short stories and texts.
Natalia is an excellent teacher. She has a very clear programme of what to achieve jointly with a student and will make sure that students stick to the programme, do the required reading and homework and will take the time to ensure that the necessary lessons, vocabulary and grammar have been learnt before moving on. At the same time she has the necessary flexibility to pursue a line of discussion or an issue of interest where necessary or helpful to make the lesson interesting.
Natalia’s very clear focus on balanced teaching (vocabulary and grammar at the same time to avoid unbalanced learning) is extremely helpful for both beginners and advanced students as it avoids the typical twin traps of language learning (too little vocabulary or too little grammar).
I can highly recommend Natalia Roberts as a Russian language teacher and wish everyone who studies with her the same speedy progress and pleasure at setting out to master an exciting new language as I am experiencing.

Dr. Adam Lessing, LL.M.
Richmond / Surrey

I studied Russian with Natalia whilst preparing for a university oral examination. After just a few sessions with Natalia I noticed a vast improvement in my confidence when talking about the subject I was presenting. Subsequently, I achieved a grade far higher than I would have expected had I not have received Natalia's guidance and instruction. ...I was awarded a score of 85. Anything about 70 is a first class mark, and above 90 is considered to be of bilingual standard....
Overall, I was thoroughly satisfied with Natalia's help.

Nick Myers,

Natalya has really helped me out with my Russian learning since we started lessons in November. I am doing my Russian GCSE in the summer and without Natalya I would be completely lost! I may not be as conscious as some and even when I am lazy and don’t do my homework Natalya still keeps the lesson lively and fun.

I would recommend Natalya to anyone hoping to learn Russian as she taught me more over the course of two weeks than my previous Russian teacher did over almost two years.


I found Natalia's Russian lessons very professional and useful. I am a beginner and learning quite fast thanks to Natalia's experience and seriousness. She is very patient and always in positive mood which is great!
Highly recommended

Ettore P., Financial Director

I began studying Russian by listening to language CDs. They were good for getting started, but ultimately quite limiting. I realised that in order to progress I would need a teacher. That’s when I found Natalia via Google and Gumtree.
Russian is a very complicated language for English speakers, the grammatical structures are very different ours. However, Natalia makes it feel quite straight forward and logical. She works at a good pace, and even though I have not been able to have as many lessons as I would like, I feel that with her help I am progressing well and enjoying my new language skills. Natalia sets homework, which is good because I think it’s important to do the work outside the lessons, not just in them.
All in all, I’m very pleased that found her as a Russian tutor.

Akintayo Akinbode, Music Director
North London

I took private Russian lessons with Natalia for two months. I had been to Russia and learned some Russian during my travels. I knew a lot of words in Russian but I could not make proper sentences and have a fluent conversation. Natalia helped me to learn the basic grammar and I was able gradually to get over this difficulty. I can honestly say that Natalia has comprehensive knowledge of both English and Russian grammar. She is a good teacher to work with and she will make you learn things. So if you are serious about improving your Russian and are not afraid of home works or working hard I suggest you get in touch with Natalia to register on one of her Russian courses.
Ibrahim Sal, Lawer
North London

I decided to take Russian lessons to help me during my travels this summer from London to Mongolia and found Natalia's details on Gumtree.
After an initial free consultation lesson at my house I am now doing two lessons a week and other than an inability to remember the difference between a pencil and a book in Russian I am extremely happy with my progress.
I whole-heartedly recommend Natalia as a Russian language tutor.

Piers S., Business coach

I am taking one-to-one Russian lessons at Intermediate level twice a week in order to improve my grammar and writing skills for my University course.
I’ve noticed significant improvement since I have started and will continue taking Russian lessons with Natalia in the future. I strongly recommend her as a Russian language tutor.

Atos-Narek Drauschk

I am currently studying Russian for GCSE and I decided to have extra help in preparation for my upcoming exams. Natalia has really helped me in understanding Russian grammar and speaking more fluently. I really enjoy my lessons and I can feel myself improving after each lesson.
Natalia is friendly and very helpful. I would thoroughly recommend her to anybody considering Russian tuition.


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