Learning Russian language

  • Recommended Textbooks for Russian courses
  • Additional Materials For Russian Students
  • Homework handouts

Recommended Textbooks for Russian courses
An initial lesson gives an opportunity to assess student's current level of Russian. After that you will get recommendations regarding the textbooks for your Russian course. Over the years after revising many different books available on today's market and the choice is narrowed down to a selection of only a few of them. Therefore, whether you are a beginner or a more advanced student, we would suggest the right textbook for you.

Additional Materials For Students
After a few years we have developed additional teaching materials which are often used in addition to the recommended textbooks. They consist of handouts and homework exercises for each level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Proficiency. Additionally, some hand-out materials are given to practice Russian reading skills and pronunciation. These include magazine articles, Russian films, Russian newspapers and extracts from Russian literature.

Homework to practice your Russian
At the end of each lesson, the students are given a few homework exercises in order to practice grammar and new vocabulary covered during the session. It's a proven fact that such homework helps the students memorize everything they have been taught in the class more efficiently. 'Practice makes perfect.'

Please note that students who are serious about learning Russian language have to be prepared to spend additional time and make an effort to do regular homework. Doing homework on a regular basis helps to significantly speed up your progress. After all, 'Gardens are not made by sitting in the shade!'

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