Private Russian lessons

Private lessons are the best and the most effective way for learning Russian and developing speaking skills. That is simply because private lessons have several advantages over traditional group courses.

If you are serious about learning Russian and want to see results fast, you need individual attention which only private tuition can offer. Each lesson will be tailored to suit your individual needs enabling you to progress much quicker than in a traditional classroom environment.

We provide excellent service and ultimate flexibility for our clients so private lessons can be arrange either at our fantastic classrooms in Central London or at your home or office at the time which is convenient for you. One-to-one lessons can start any time between 8am and 8 pm, 7 days a week.

Still not sure why to choose private Russian lessons? Here is just a few reasons:

Personal Teachers Attention

Many students thrive under private tuition because there is no need to compete for teacher's attention. In a traditional classroom setting, students also have to wait while the teacher is addressing the needs of other students in the class. With private tuition, the lesson can progress as quickly or as slowly as desired and there is no need to wait for anything or anyone. You move at your own pace. That is both comfortable and efficient.

Customized lessons to suit your particular needs

Professional Russian tutors plan a lesson according to student's individual needs. This will help a student to progress much quicker than in a group environment. A tutor can always easily adapt a lesson to focus on student's strengths or weaknesses. Many students are amazed how quickly they can pick up a new things when they are free from the distractions of the group.

Increased Student Confidence

Private Russian lessons also give students confidence to ask questions when they don't understand a particular rule or would like to work on their weaknesses. A lot of people say they feel peer pressure in a classroom setting. This problem simply does not exist at one-to-one lessons.

Try it yourself and feel the difference. Book a free trial lesson today!

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