Russian Online

In addition to our face-to-face Russian language tuition Ruswords also provides private Russian lessons On-line. On-line tuition is a perfect alternative and an excellent complement to traditional face-to-face lessons.

On-line tuition seems to change the language learning industry as on-line learners continue to give such positive feedback. On-line lessons are also a really effective way of learning Russian as you are literally drawn to your monitor and have to focus entirely on the lesson. On-line tuition is simply designed to offer the quality of a individual private lessons but with a few extra benefits.

It is hard to compare on-line tuition with face-to-face. There are many factors which may lead you to choose individual on-line tuition. Convenience, cost, access, location, learning styles and preferences...

Why learn Russian on-line?

  • Lessons are anywhere – the ultimate in flexibility
  • Learning Russian across time zones! You and your Russian tutor may be in the same city or thousands miles away!
  • Home comfort
  • Security
  • Gives you the communication practice necessary to make self-study worthwhile
  • Access to one-to-one high quality tuition with expert native-speaker tutors trained to maximize online lessons

On the minus side, on-line courses lack physical face to face contact.

Our on-line lessons are delivered by highly qualified and experienced Russian tutor based in London. After a brief initial assessment we will advise you on course structure, and choose the materials we think will suit you best. Your course will be tailor-made in order to meet your particular language needs whether you are starting from scratch, building your vocabulary, polishing your written skills or trying to improve your pronunciation.

On-line lessons are delivered at the time which is convenient for you, no matter what time of day or where you are. All you need is the Internet access and a headset.

RusWords is providing on-line Russian lessons using Skype which is free to download and to use.

For more information about our on-line language tuition service please contact us.

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